Recognise your guests

To understand your guest means to visualise their journeys. HotMark unifying guest data including their preferences, interests, membership, social media posts, requests, complaints, and past communication records. Capture every customer journey, recognise them, and create that “WOW” experience.

Awkward no more, personalised more!

Unified guest profile, give you the ability to provide a true personalised service, don’t let your guest feels unrecognised and creating uncomfortable experiences.


Discovering your guest needs early allows you to provide make appropriate preparation before check-in. Smooth check-in and avoid the hassle of last-minute requests. More importantly to save cost by providing by limiting waste.


Identifying guest interests allows you to make appropriate offers before check-in. Providing offers that are aligned with their interests creates a better experience for guests.

Social Media

Guest preferences & Interest may changed overtime, therefore HotMark automatically pulls Social Media data to give you the latest guest activities to understand their needs to provide a surprisingly stay experience.

Request & Complaints

You can program HotMark to automatically send message to guest during stay, to get their request or any issue they might encounter. This to ensure you can delivery request promptly and to rectify any complaints creating stay satisfaction and avoid negative feedback after they leave the hotel.

Completeness score

HotMark uses AI to automatically scores your guest data completeness, and give you the insights what needs to be done to achieve 100 perfect score.

Communication Preferences

Our Unified Guest Profile allows you to manage channels that guest wish to be contacted from email, WhatsApp, chat and SMS all can be controlled in one place.

Mobile self Check in

Allowing guests to self-check in/out using their mobile phones anywhere  & anytime they wish.

This feature enables hotels to provide contactless service for seamless guest stay experiences.

  • Automatic profile capture
  • ID/Passport scan
  • E-Sign on mobile devices
  • Seamless check in via mobile key
  • Review billing throughout stays
  • Self check-out

Glitch - Guest In-house
Requests & Complaints

Effectively collaborate, track and resolve in-house guest’s requests and complaints.

Time based escalation to multi level supervisors or managers can be configured as per hotel’s standard operating procedure.

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