The Benefits of Prospecting


By targeting people with similar intent the company is more likely to increase their customer reach.


Increasing your customer base equals overall business growth.


Targeted ads allow your company to reach people who are most likely to purchase your product or service.


Targeted ads may also influence consumers who may not be aware of your brand, but are likely to engage and buy your product or service.

How Does it Work

Imagine Mr. John Riley, an Australian tourist planning his trip to Bali. After successfully securing his flight ticket and making a reservation at his hotel in Kuta, he searches for an Indonesian restaurant nearby.

In this scenario, we can leverage his data sets from the airline in which he secured his flight ticket, online travel agent such as where he made his room reservation, and his search behavior on Google where he searched for “Indonesian restaurant near me” keywords.

We are able to show our banner ads to Mr. Riley whenever he goes online on his desktop or mobile, while he is reading the news or checking out his Instagram feeds, browsing Youtube videos and many other online activities. Our ad will be visible and encourage him to take action.

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